Chairman's Speech

Al Nasr forgings industry works according to the holding company’s strategy in institutional development for individuals and equipment with the aim of improving the overall performance of the company through – continuing to obtain new marketing sources – and striving towards improving product quality – and searching for new product manufacture as per the market demand – and working on Maximizing profitability by increasing worker and equipment productivity while rationalizing consumption and working continuously towards qualifying workers technically and administratively to keep pace with all developments and competition.

Social Responsibility

The forgings company pays great attention to the surrounding environment as it plays its full role towards it in preserving it by adhering to environmental conditions and taking all measures that it maintains through environmental protection projects where the company has: – By switching to gas and electricity instead of diesel to reduce exhaust and air pollution, and this through the installation of electrical induction furnaces To reduce noise pollution, the company turned pneumatic hammers into hydraulic and canceled the air pressure station The company also constructed an industrial sewage plant for recycling wastewater and used it in gardening and green planting We always strive to obtain quality certificates in environmental compliance and environmental management (ISO14001)

Believing in the return of the commitment to the safety and occupational health of the economic and environmental workers, the company has committed to the tasks of prevention and obtaining an industrial security certificate (ISO45001)


Al-Nasr forging company is considered the largest forging plant in Egypt and middle east it was established in 1960 to produce forged steel for feeding the following industries:legimus euripidis ea.


Automotive and engine industries

Forged parts for buses, lorries, tractors and engines such as (Crankshafts,
connecting rods, gears, axes, Hubs

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Railway and metro parts:

Screw-couplings ,Draw Hooks, collision columns, Clips for Railway fasteners,
fixing, Rails Base, fish planets

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Forged parts

 Special parts of electrical networks according to customer

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Steel chain conveyors

for cement, sugar and various industrial purpose

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Forged and machined steel flanges:

For petroleum, water and gases pipelines.

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Electric- welded link chain

according to customer specifications (DIN) Standard Chain from 13 mm – 45mm

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Machining parts with (C.N.C) machines

Milling – Lathes – Drilling

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Cutting with laser technology:

Lasers are used to slice the materials used in industrial manufacturing

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