Our Factory

Heat treatment shop

Heat treatment shop : The shops is equipped with fully automatic controlled pusher type urn aces of height productivity There are induction surface treatment height – frequency units and salt baths for treating of tool steels .

Forging shops

Forging shop: The plant includes Die forging shop with die up to 100 kg. and Free forging shop product cylindrical shapes up 300mm diameter and 2tons (for discs up to 800mm) diameter &1000kg weight .

Chains Manufacturing Shop

Chains Manufacturing Shop : production of chains according to the German specifications (DIN) for tensile and suspension

Blanching Shops

Blanching Shops: It includes Blanking press for Bar Cutting up to 140mm diameter

– Disc saw Up to 500 mm diameter or 400 mm Square

– Reciprocating saw Up to 120mm diameter.

Spear parts and die production shops

Spear parts and die production shops: The lines of horizontal lathes and Vertical lathes- drills lines – Grinding lines – Milling lines – planers)

Laser cutting shop

Laser cutting shop : The machine used for cutting, drilling and arking by High Accuracy and fully computerized and The machine used for cutting all shapes and complicated solids

(C.N.C) Maching shop

(C.N.C) Maching shop : ( Milling – Drills -Planers…… etc)

Chemical and Mechanical Laboratories

Chemical and Mechanical Laboratories : Our company is equipped with most advanced laboratories for tests on  material  . products checking.