Din forging shop Equipment

– drop forging stamping or die stamping
hammers up 10 t capacity.
– horizontal forging hammers up to 1250 t capacity.
-heating furnaces of different capacities.
– handling facilities up to lOt weight.

Free Forging Shop

The shop produces free forgings of cylindrical shapes up
300mm diameter, and 2t weight(for discs up to 800mm)
diameter &1OOOkgweight.


.free forging hammers up to 3t capacity.
-heating furnaces of different capacities.
-handling facilities up to 5 t capacity.
Machining and die making shops :
The shops contain:
Horizontal lathes for diameters up to 1000mm and lengths to 5000mm.


Upright and radial drill up to 80mm diameter .
Broaching machine up to 7 mm

Grinding Machine

Surface grinding up to 320 x 100mm.
Inner cylindrical grinding up to 80mm .
Outer cylindrical grinding up to 2OOmm Diameter .and 2000mm Iength .center less grinding up to 5Omm.


Vertical milling machine diffierent sizes (PIano-milling) machines up
2000 x 8000mm.
Vertical copy milling machine .
Special machine for manufacturing of helical gears
Up to 75Omm and normal gears
Up to 125Omm, module up to 12 .
Spark erosion die-making machine

Heat Treatment Shops

The shop are equipped with fully automatic controlled pusher type urn aces of height productivity.
All heat treatment operations are performed (normalizing – annealing – hardening tempering -..etc.)
There are induction surface treatment height – frequency units and salt baths for
treating of tool t Is.
Surface carburizing is also performed in our shops.

  • We also have a Die manufacturing Shop within the company, this shop contains on lines :(horizontal lathes , vertical lathes, drill lines – grinding machine lines – milling lines – planer lines, CNC millers and laser cutting machine
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